LightingEver 100 LED Copper Wire Lights Review

LightingEver 100 LED Copper Wire Lights Review
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  • Bendable. The copper wire is bendable and easy to DIY in all kinds of creative ways. You can add it to your desks, dressers, beds, cabinets, patios and more.
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The LightEver 100 copper wire lights is an excellent lighting choice for home improvement during this festive season.

The following properties of the wire make it your best choice;

  • Flexibility: The wire is highly bendable. Therefore, you can easily create your desired shapes. You can fix it around all sort of appliances or locations in your house. The LEDs are 10cm from each other; the copper wires are covered by a flexible material making it possible to wind it around objects. You can use the LightingEver 100 to produce desired shapes or decorative designs both indoors and outdoors.
  • Versatile: All parts of the wire are waterproof. Therefore, it can be used in different environments and both indoors and outdoors. Examples of outdoor uses include swings, patio decorations and the gate among others. The adapter: The LightingEver 100 comes with a low voltage output adapter. The 6.5V DC adapter guarantees a low power consumption. Thus, the wire does not overheat and its cool to the touch. The wire can be handled in a house with children without concern of burns or other accidents.
  • Water Resistance: The wire has an IP65 waterproof rating. The whole string wire including the bulbs is resistance to water. The wire can be immersed in water to provide the user with a vivid and beautiful light. The switch and the transformers are the only two parts of the wire that are not waterproof.
  • 100 led lights: The LightingEver 100 light bulb has 100 LED light bulbs. The light bed spacing is 10cm. At 33ft in height/length its ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The bulbs of the LightingEver 100 produces a 3000K soft light. The bulbs are not covered. Therefore, the light is reflected at 360 degrees around the string of the bulbs. The LightingEver 100 produces a warm light in the darkness.
  • Brightness Consistency: The LightingEver 100 has 3 copper wires all around. The three wires, supported by the adapter ensures voltage consistency and consequently, consistency in brightness. The LightingEver 100 has safeguards against voltage drops, which ensures illumination is smooth. Therefore, the LightingEver 100 cannot harm your eyes. Further, the light also serves ornamental purposes.
  • Easy to install: One does not need expert help to install the LightingEver 100 Copper Wire Lights. After you shape your bulbs as you desire or on the objects or spaces you want to decorate, you plug in the adapter and enjoy the cool light. The lighting Ever 100 is also light-weight and in a small package and, therefore, easy to carry around while installing. Durability: The LEDs on the LightingEver 100 copper wire light has a guaranteed lifespan of 50,000hours. Therefore LEDs will last for at least three years. With excellent use, the LightingEver 100 can be used over the years during occasions and festive seasons. You are, therefore, guaranteed value for your money.
  • Trustworthiness: The product is trustworthy. It comes with a warranty and a user manual. The manual has instructions on how to handle and carry out the installations. Besides the adapter, the LightingEver 100 come with 2m power line thus it does not necessarily have to be near a socket.


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£10.99 £13.39

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8.5 Total Score
Excellent aesthetic

Overall, it is perhaps one of the most affordable and easy to install string lights assembly out there.

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