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7 Best Christmas Lighting Options

The Rattan Sphere

One of the most unusual forms of Christmas lights out there is the rattan sphere. This is a really useful and versatile type of lighting that can be used for Christmas decorations because it can go almost anywhere. You can hang these spheres from your porch ceiling outside or you can put them in your plant urns or even resting on the ground lining your path. The great thing about these spheres is that they are portable and will go anywhere. You can change them at any time because they come with battery-operated LEDs that are going to last you throughout the season. There are electrical spheres that you can get to hang from your porch rafters or post along the porch fence, but most of the time you want to go with battery-operated spheres if possible.

LED Fairy Lights

LED Fairy lights are one of the best types of Christmas lights out there. These fairy lights from KooPower are one of the best Christmas decorating items out there. Fairy lights are great because they are so versatile. For example, the ones that are highlighted here come with their own remote control and they can be placed on a timer as well. Plus, these string lights are waterproof and battery-operated and will last you throughout the entire Christmas season. This makes them the perfect types of lights to put in your garland, on your Christmas tree, hanging from rafters or decorating railing, or anywhere else that you feel these types of fairy lights would work.

Prelit Trees

Prelit trees like the ones that you can find at Christmas time at your local home improvement store are one of the best ways that you can decorate your home or yard without having to spend a great deal of money. Prelude trees already have the lighting included. It is space perfectly and all-inclusive in one electrical or battery-operated device so that you can set it up and be ready to go within minutes. Prelit Christmas trees are easily found online as well, and when you have come up with the perfect idea for your home decor, you can get some prelit Christmas trees to line your paths or surround your deck to give you a little bit of privacy.

Prelit Garland

Prelit garland is another terrific way that you can decorate your porch or outdoors without having to worry too much about lighting. Prelit garland either comes with battery-operated LED lights or they plug into one another so that you are able to string prelit garland all the way from your power outlet to whatever decorative ideas you have including surrounding pillars, porch walls or even indoors with your garland. Prelit Garland already has the lights embedded into it, and that makes it really easy for you to install anywhere you want to.

Christmas Lamp Posts

Setting up Christmas lamp posts is another great way to make use of Christmas lighting. You can either create your own lampposts which are a really great do-it-yourself project, or you can buy premade lampposts that you can install in your yard. In either case, lampposts simply have the distinctiveness and feel of Christmas. When people enter your card they see the lampposts that are glowing bright, they will think of Christmas. That is especially true if you have other Christmas decor items in your yard that makes them think of the holiday. This includes some of the items that we have already discussed but most especially the most familiar items like Christmas lights, ornaments, wreaths, and of course, snow.

Christmas Lanterns

Lining your path with Christmas lanterns is a good alternative to installing Christmas light posts. Although Christmas lampposts can be really indicative of Christmas, making your own Christmas lamps with battery-operated lights or buying lamps premade to line your path give people the enter your yard the feeling of Christmas. That’s not the only benefit that they provide though.

These Christmas lanterns are terrific because they provide you with light as you walk up your path throughout the entire season. This results in better security and more people wanting to visit you to sing carols or deliver gifts. Christmas lanterns can be made yourself or you can buy them at the store. Most of the time, home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s will have Christmas lanterns that you can get for the holiday season stocked sometime after Thanksgiving.

Candyland Lights

Candyland lights are premade light patterns that are shaped like candy. Some of the reasons that these are so popular is that Candyland is a really popular Christmas theme. If you can make your yard look like it is filled with delicious candy, you will have a really unique yard that no one else is sporting.

These candy lights are available in some online stores, but you will probably not be able to find them in most of the conventional retail stores that are out there. For example, the home improvement stores that you normally visit to get Christmas decorations or the department stores that you go to will not carry these types of decorations. However, they are one of the best ways that you can out for you yard to celebrate Christmas and be unique among all of your neighbors.

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